Acoustic Receivers/ Interrogators

DPR close22Used to mark and relocate equipment and locations underwater, our cost effective acoustic beacons/transponders and receivers/interrogators are available in a wide variety of options to meet any requirement. Our receivers/interrogators can be mounted on subsea vehicles, used from the surface or operated by a diver. With different frequencies, activation methods, and battery life options… we have a solution for any marking and relocation requirement with our pingers/transponders.

RJE International specializes in customization and we can design a pinger/transponder to meet you specific needs. Whether it is an emergency location beacon for your subsea vehicle or towfish, marking equipment moorings, or track divers during training RJE can meet your needs.




DPR 275 Unit pic


Small and rugged, this hand held diver acoustic receiver with LCD display and signal strength meter can track and locate any acoustic pinger that operates between 5 to 80 kHz.

DPR-275 Data Sheet

PRS 275 in Case pic


Using a separate directional hydrophone and user adjustable staff assembly to convert the DPR-275, the PRS-275 can be used as a surface pinger receiver and then be converted to a diver pinger receiver in seconds.

PRS-275 Data Sheet


DTI-300A Diver Held Acoustic Receiver

Using a highly visible LCD display and electronic compass, the DTI-300A acoustic receiver provides both range and bearing to underwater locations marked with the ATT-400 transponder or an acoustic pinger operating between 25kHz to 45kHz.

DTI-300A Data Sheet


STI-350 Surface Acoustic Receiver

TThis rugged directional receiver provides both range and bearing to either the ATT-400 transponder or acoustic pingers operating from 25kHz to 45kHz. Designed for small boat operations, the STI-350 uses a directional hydrophone and adjustable staff assembly to locate underwater locations or targets marked with an acoustic beacon or ATT-400 transponder.

STI-350 Data Sheet


VADR-1000M and VADR-6000M Subsea Vehicle Acoustic Receivers

The VADR-1000M and VADR-6000M acoustic directional receivers are small but rugged passive pinger receivers used to assist operators of ROVs and AUVs in tracking acoustic sound sources from 25kHz to 45kHz. Both receivers use a RS232 protocol for communication to and from the surface. The VADR series receivers can also track the ATT-400 acoustic transponders and come in two operational depths, 1,000m and 6,000m.

SEEKER Data Sheet