ARS-100 Acoustic Reference Source


ARS-100 series beacons are programmable to create acoustic markers to provide a reference sound source for subsea recorders. Accurate timing and more than 16 transmission settings provide flexibility for your needs.

Available in 200-meter and 1,000-meter versions, the ARS-100 can be deployed for up to one year.

Acoustic Output Signal

4kHz to 7kHz, CHIRP

Power Output

Maximum 145.5db

Beam Pattern


Number of Chirps

Programmable from 4 to 7

Interval between Chirps

500ms, 1000ms

Output Signal on Time


Signal Timeout

Factory Programmable, 30 mins to 48 hours

Signal Time Drift

0C to 40C = 1min/per year
-40C to 0C = 4min/per year

Power Source

Alkaline Battery
Operating Life: 13 months


Mechanical on/off Switch

Depth Rating

ARS-100: 200M (660ft)
ARS-100D: 1000m (3280ft)


ARS-100: PVC
ARS-100D: Aluminum Hard Anodized


ARS-100: 56cm(L) X 12.7cm(D)
ARS-100D: 56cm(L) X 12.7cm(D)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.