MAG-1001S Magnacom Surface Transceiver


The Magnacom® MAG-1001S surface station is a state-of-the art 70-watt, dual-channel single sideband surface station designed to meet the demanding needs of the professional divers using a MAG-1003D. The battery operated MAG-1001S is rugged, reliable and easy to set up.

Nominal Range:  3,000m in calm seas

Carrier Frequency:  28.5 and 32.768kHz (two channels)

Acoustic Output Power:  70watts (nominal)

Transducer:  Piezoelectric Type

Microphone:  Hand-Held, Dynamic, 200ohm

Auto Gain Range:  100dB Dynamic Range AGC

Activation:  Installation of transducer cable assembly

Power Source:  Two (2) 6VDC Gel-Cell Alkaline Batteries

External Power:  12VDC with a minimum of 4 amps

Battery Life:  8hrs w/Gel-Cells (10% duty cycle)

Panel Material:  Stainless Steel

Housing Material:  Polycarbonate UK603 Case

Dimensions:  16.5cm(H) x 35.0cm(W) x 27.0cm(D)

Weight:  12lbs