TAC-200A Diver Swim Board


The TAC-200A is smaller and lighter than the original TAC-100, but has a larger compass that is easier to read. Designed for U.S. Navy and Army Special Forces, the TAC-200A comes complete with a Compass, Analog Depth Gauge, Dive Chronometer and carrying bag. Like the TAC-100A, the TAC-200A can be ordered with Imperial or Metric depth gauges.

Size of Board

10.75” L (27.3cm)
6” W (15.2cm)
1.5” H (3.8cm)

Total Weight in Air

1.89lbs (0.86kg)

Board Material

Black ABS

Compass Card Tilt



Compass Card Bearings

3.2”, Blk with Luminous Numerals

Luminous Properties

6 to 8 Hours


4.2”Dia (10.7cm)
2.7”H (6.8cm)

Depth Gauge & Timer

Imperial Depth Range:  0 to 80ft
Metric Depth Range:  0 to 25m
Max Depth Marker:  Resettable Tell-Tale
Face:  Black with Luminous White Numerals
Certified to:  EN 13319

Dive Chronometer

Casio G-Shock Watch with Lap Timer

Specifications are subject to change without notice.