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RJE International has become the industry leader in developing, manufacturing, and supplying underwater acoustic marking and relocation systems, diver navigation platforms, and other subsea equipment.

RJE offers product design, development, evaluation and marketing for military divers, offshore and marine scientific communities, search and rescue teams, and more.

We manufacture products that meet UL, CE, ASTM and ANFOR standards. Our quality system is based on Mil-45208.

Training programs, including operational and maintenance instruction both in the classroom and open water, are offered with all RJE International equipment.

Our products have been used in commercial and military applications worldwide.

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  • Sonar Systems for Underwater Mine Recovery
  • Diver Navigation Boards for Combat Swimmers
  • Emergency Relocation Systems for Saturation and Diving Bells
  • Acoustic Relocation Beacons for Offshore Equipment Moorings
  • Diver and Surface Pingers Receivers Systems for Flight Recorder (Black Box) Recovery
  • Recovery and Emergency ROV Relocation



RJE International Founded; launches first product with U.S. Navy Special Ops


RJE International Named to the Prestigious Inc. 500 list of Top Companies


Formed RJE Technologies for Aquatic Safety


Named to the Fast Company “Fast 50” list


Acquires the Safety Turtle line


Moved to larger facility for full manufacturing capabilities


Aviation Beacon line sold


RJE International Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence in Product Development, Sales & Service


Began engineering efforts to develop the SRV-8 ROV under the subsidiary RJE Oceanbotics.


First production of the SRV-8 manufactured and shipped.

RJE International, Inc., was founded in 1991 by Robert Jechart in a spare bedroom in his house. Robert’s goal was to supply high-tech mission critical products to military, commercial and scientific communities worldwide.

Robert’s business model was unconventional at first. He teamed up with engineering-focused companies to design and manufacture underwater products according to each client’s specifications and RJE’s standards. After testing and approving the first product, RJE would place a substantial order for the first year’s sales requirements to grow the product line. This plan succeeded – so well, in fact, that RJE was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing companies six years after the company’s inception.

RJE cemented its reputation by supplying state-of-the-art sonar relocation and tracking systems to the Military Special Ops community, as well as diver navigation and sonar systems. RJE’s relationship with Special Forces and military diving spans decades of products and development. To this day we remain the largest supplier of military combat swim boards for subsea navigation and diver operated sonars for mine clearance in the world.

RJE International is an industry leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying underwater acoustic marking and relocation systems for subsea industry, and the world’s leading supplier of advanced diver sonar and navigation equipment. Our customers include the US Navy, Army, Air Force and all major branches of the U.S. Government, as well as most major foreign governments and commercial customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our 10,000 square foot facility in Irvine, California, integrates engineering, product development, and manufacturing under one roof.