ULB-364 General Purpose Acoustic Beacon


The ULB-364 Series Underwater Location Beacon is a cost-effective acoustic relocation pinger designed for rigorous offshore use. The ULB-364 allows the user to adjust the frequency from 27 to 45kHz and rep rate to extend the operational life.

The beacon uses off the shelf 9V alkaline or lithium batteries. Ideal for marking underwater sites or equipment where cost is a factor.


27kHz 7o 45kHz (user adjustable)

Acoustic Output*

165.6db (0.125 Watt)

Pulse Length

5 ms

Pulse Repetition

1 Pulse/sec to 1 Pulse/2 sec (user adjustable)


Water Switch

*Specify at time of order

Power Source

(2) 9V Alkaline or (2) 9V Lithium Batteries

Operating Depth

3280ft (1000m)

Housing Material


Battery Life

9V Alkaline: 30 days @ 1 Pulse/sec, 40 days @ 1 Pulse/2 sec
9V Alkaline: 90 days @ 1 Pulse/sec, 180 days @ 1 Pulse/2 sec

Housing Dimensions


8.00in (20.32cm)


2.25in (5.71cm)


1.8lbs (806g)

Note: Non-standard frequencies and acoustic power outputs available.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.