VADR-6000M Subsea Vehicle Acoustic Receivers


The VADR-6000M acoustic directional receivers are small but rugged passive pinger receivers. The unit assists ROV and AUV operators in tracking acoustic sound sources from 8kHz to 45kHz. The receivers use an RS232 protocol for communication to and from the surface. The VADR series receivers can also track the ATT-400 acoustic transponders and have operational depths of 6,000m.

Pinger Receiver Mode

Receive Bandwidth

8 to 45kHz in 100Hz increments

Receiver Sensitivity

-100dB ref 1μPa @ 1 meter

Transponder Mode

Receive Frequencies

25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34kHz

Interrogation Frequency


Acoustic Output

190dB ref 1μPa @ 1m

Acoustic Signal


System Range

up to 750m (2,461ft)

Directional Hydrophone

Beam Width

40 ± 5 degrees Conical

Bearing Indication

4 BINS: Left or right, 3, 8, 20 or > 20 degrees

Bearing Accuracy

5 degrees nominal in BINS 1 and 2

Bearing Resolution

2 degrees

Control Interface


9600 Baud, No Parity, 8 Data Bits, and 1 Stop Bit


5 pin Underwater Pluggable

Interface Software

Microsoft OS, Provided

Input Voltage

18 to 32VDC, 24VDC nominal



Aluminum Hard Coat Anodized

Depth Rating

6,000m (19,685ft)


6.8kg (15lbs) in air/5.5kg (12lbs) in water


12.7cm(Ø) x 28.0cm(L) (5.00in(Ø) x 11.0in(L))

Operating Temperature Range

-18°C to 43°C (0°F to 110°F)

Specifications are subject to change without notice