TAC-100A Diver Navigation Board


The most commonly used dive navigation board, the TAC-100A, can be found in Special Forces dive lockers worldwide. The TAC-100A comes complete with a compass, analog depth gauge, dive chronometer and carrying bag. Designed for accuracy and reliability, the TAC-100A is available with Imperial or Metric depth gauges.

Size of Board

12”L (30.5cm)
10”W (25.4cm)
5”H (12.7cm)

Total Weight in Air

2.38lbs (1.08kg)

Board Material

Black ABS

Compass Illumination

Adjustable Chem Light


Compass Card Bearings

5 Degrees Markings

Compass Card

Black with Luminous Bearings Marks

Luminous Properties

Up to 8 Hours (Compass)

Compass Card Tilt



4.0” Dia (10.0cm)
3.75” H (9.5cm)

Depth Gauge & Timer

Imperial Depth Range:  0 to 80ft
Metric Depth Range:  0 to 25m
Max Depth Marker:  Resettable Tell-Tale
Face:  Black with Luminous White Numerals
Certified to:  EN 13319

Dive Chronometer

Casio G-Shock Watch with Lap Timer

Specifications are subject to change without notice.