RJE International launches new and improved DPR-275 Diver Pinger Receiver

By July 20, 2016 February 13th, 2018 News

RJE International, a specialist in mission critical products re-launched an all new and improved DPR-275 Diver Pinger Receiver and PRS-275 Pinger Receiver System. The portable hand-held DPR-275 is a durable acoustic receiver with a wide span of frequency with both visual and audio, capable of detecting and locating an underwater sound source emitting a signal in the 5-80 kHz range.

The durable DPR-275 has an improved LED display readout for greater visibility in poor conditions, and a rechargeable 9-volt lithium-ion battery that has a longer life and is easier to change. We also added an enlarged compass for convenient navigation, and a more rugged water-tight carrying case. VP of Sales, Bruce O’Bannon stated “Our new DPR-275 is a creative blend of continual improvements with our R&D, and working with key accounts to deliver superior product for their critical needs.

The DPR-275 is sleeker with upgraded stylings and increased functionality that effectively delivers under the most rigorous constraints and environments.” The DPR-275 receiver assembly operates to a depth up to 200 meters (650 feet) and possesses a slight positive buoyancy. The receiver housing is constructed of black Acetal resin and hard anodized T6 aluminum, and will withstand prolonged exposure to salt water.

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RJE International celebrates 25 years of service, providing mission critical products for underwater applications in military, commercial, and scientific markets. RJE manufacturers sonar and navigation applications with a long-term track record of developing products specifically for Special Operations. RJE has customers in over 50 countries and is focused on underwater relocation/tracking and diver navigation and sonar systems.