RJE International STI-350 Surface Acoustic Receiver System Used in Crash Recovery

By July 14, 2016 February 13th, 2018 News

RJE International’s STI-350 Surface Acoustic Receiver System was successfully used in the recovery of an Airbus CASA C-212 Aviocar 400 sea patrol plane. The Vietnamese Coast Guard CASA 212 and crew of 9 was answering a distress call of a SU30-MK2 fighter Jet that crashed on a training mission earlier, when the search plane also crashed due to bad weather.

The CASA 212 was located at a depth of 50-60 meters under the sea, south east of Back Long Vi island in the Gulf of Tonkin. The search included efforts from the Vietnamese Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and local fisheries searching for the crew and black box from the CASA. The Vietnam Minister of Defense issued confirmation that they quickly pinpointed the exact location of the plane, in part to the STI-350 Surface Acoustic Receiver System. The Minister of Defense and Airbus will work together to analyze the wreckage and determine the cause of the incident and will focus on the recovery of the last crew member.

Robert Jechart, CEO of RJE International stated “It’s always unfortunate to hear of a crash, but knowing RJE can aid during this crucial time to successfully locate an aircraft and provide answers is critical. Locating the aircraft quickly allows the operator to determine what happened. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity to learn and make improvements to prevent this from happening again.

It is also critical to bring resolution to families who are struggling with the unknown fate of a loved one.

The STI-350 Surface Acoustic Receiver is a compact and rugged battery operated directional receiver that detects and tracks underwater pingers (beacons) as well as transponders from the surface.

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